10 Ways to Save Money Buying a Massage Chair

We all know how expensive buying a massage chair can be quite expensive. But there are actually ways on how to save money when buying a massage chair!

You just have to really be good with your research to get the bang for your buck. I did the research and found that I could get the best discounts.

So if you want to get the best massage chair of 2020 without spending too much, then read on!

I'll be showing you the effective ways on how you can save money from the massage chair price.

A full body massage chair is very expensive, especially when purchasing it at retail price. Here is the guide for buying a full body massage chair.

However, you can find ways to NOT pay the full price stated, as long as you know how to negotiate and take the time to look for the best deals.

The best part is that most of the shopping can actually be done online, whether you want a portable massage chair or the best massage chair pad!

Here are the top ten tips to follow to save money when buying a massage chair:


Consider the Features You Need

Before anything else, look into the features you need in a massage chair. The reason why many people would overspend on one is that of the unnecessary features companies put to rack up the price.

So when looking for the best zero gravity massage chair, I highly recommend that you consider the features you need rather than get the one overloaded with everything you think you want. This will help you spend less on one.


Visit Price Comparison Websites

You'll be surprised as to how the prices can vary differently from online and physical stores. Some retailers end up charging way more than others do, which is why it's best to learn about the different prices.

That's where price comparison websites come along, which help you get the best price you can get.

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For example, if you want a Human Touch massage chair, simply search up the exact model and you'll be faced with all the reputable stores and prices to see which is the best deal.


Use Cashback Credit Card Promos

Using cash back credit cards don't reduce the actual price of your shiatsu massage chair, but it gives your money back from it! Some even offer promos and discounts besides cash backs, which help you save money in the long run.

Imagine having a 5% cash back on a massage chair that costs $2,000. You can get as much as $100, that's a pretty big deal!


Have a Discounted Gift Card

Secondhand gift cards are another excellent way to save up on massage chairs!

You can find these for sale online, which can help you save as much as 20% from both the gift cards and the retail price of your chosen massage chair.

You can find gift cards for just about anything, some of them costing 40% less than the original price. Whether it's the best massage chair pad to the chair itself, you can find a gift card suitable for it.


Check Out Discontinued Lines

Massage chairs usually roll out new products every few months or years. Because of the new updates, the older lines "retire" and become discontinued, or closed for production. These discontinued models can be bought for a cheaper price than retail!

You can find older massage chairs at a bargain, paying less than you would while it was still on sale.


Purchase Your Massage Chair Online

Many people opt to purchase their massage chairs from physical stores, but there are many online stores that sell cheaper!

I noticed that many online shops and platforms for selling drop their prices lower than physical stores, which is what makes them a great deal.

That's why I highly recommend that you check reputable online stores and consider getting your massage chair from them.


Hunt for Coupon Codes

While coupon codes may be rare, there's still a possibility of finding one online. Some even offer manufacturer's discount, which helps you save up to thousands of dollars, depending on the sale and discount they offer.

You can start off by checking massage chair Costco reviews and other personal blogs to see what stores offer discounts and coupon codes like these.


Don't Spend So Much On Shipping Fees

If you choose to buy a massage chair online, then you can save money on shipment fees by focusing on sellers that offer free shipping.

Make sure that you pay attention and look into reviews to ensure that the retailer has free shipping. This can save you up to $500, depending on where you're from!


Get a Floor Model

If you want to purchase from a physical showroom, then you might be able to get a floor model. These are the furniture you find sitting on the showroom floor.

They can be sold at a discount if you ask the salesman. Ask them if they have a floor model that comes with a discount, saving you up to 20%!


Negotiating Online Or In Store

When purchasing secondhand or from online retailers, try to message them and negotiate with the price.

Some sellers will be able to knock off the price by a couple hundred dollars, especially if you give an offer they can't resist. It doesn't hurt to try that out!

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Wrapping It Up

Getting a massage chair doesn't need to be so expensive! As long as you shop smart and know where to get the best deals, you can save a ton of money and use it for other things at home.

You'll be surprised by how much you can get massage chairs for after following the right tips.

Hopefully, this article on how to save money when buying a massage chair gave you an idea on how to get the best discounts. So don't wait any longer and start following any of these tips today!

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Got any questions or want to share your tips and other massage chair reviews? Then comment below! Your thoughts are much appreciated.

10 Ways to Save Money Buying a Massage Chair
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10 Ways to Save Money Buying a Massage Chair
A massage chair is pretty expensive we all know that. But there are ways to save money buying a massage chair for home or office or salon. We have shared 10 tips to save money while buying a massage chair.
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