Reviews of Kahuna Massage Chair and Buying Guide

The Kahuna Massage Chair is one of the popular brands that many people can invest in today. With the excellent features it has to offer, there's no doubt as to why many consider it as one of the best massage chairs for sale!

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So if you're planning to get a Kahuna massage chair from Amazon yourself, the next question is: Which of its models is the best massage chair for the money?

To help you out, I share to you the list of the best Kahuna massage chair models!

Here's a quick comparison table showing you the top ten choices on the Kahuna massage chairs:

Best Chairs Name

Editor Rating

Latest Price

Bottom Line

Kahuna Massage Chair LM-7800

The Easy to Adjust and Limitless

Kahuna SL-Track Massage Chair- SPIRIT

The Premium and Luxurious

Kahuna L-Track Massage Chair HANI3200

The Compact and Space-Saving

Kahuna SM-9000 Air Float 3D

The Excellent Feel and Calming

Kahuna Hubot HM-078 3D Rhythmic

The Strong and Durable

Kahuna Recliner LM6800S

The Small Yet Reliable

Kahuna SM-7300S Superior

The Easy Assembly and Upgrade

Kahuna SM-7300 Superior

The Superior and High-Tech

Kahuna Full Body LM6800

The Excellent Pain Reliever

Reviews of Best Kahuna Massage Chairs

Investing in a Kahuna massage chair isn't just about getting the first thing you see. They aren't as cheap as a camp chair, so it takes a lot of research to determine what you want and need.

So based on my research and tests, these are the top ten Kahuna massage chair reviews to help you make your decision.

Kahuna Massage Chair LM-7800

What you'll love most about the LM-7800 full body massage chair is the amazing features it comes with. You may also read Human Touch ​whole​body 7.1 ​massage ​chair ​review.

For starters, it's seen to be one of the best massage recliners on the market, with you being able to choose and adjust the settings according to how YOU want it, setting the time, massage technique, intensity and strength, as well as the program you want the massage to be for relaxation.

Another feature quality is that it comes with the premium speakers and such a soft padding, which loosens you up from stress or workouts!

While it may come at a more expensive price, it's definitely worth the price with its realistic massage and topnotch features.

Kahuna Premium SL-Track Massage Chair- SPIRIT

The Premium SL-Track Kahuna Massage Chair is such a premium purchase but believe me when I say it gives off only the best massages, regardless of the way you set it!

Even I was surprised with this massage chair and recliner, having the signature stretching programs and massage styles, which accommodate all people of any size or shape!

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It's known to boost blood circulation while relaxing your mind and body, feeling so smooth against your entire body. From its efficient Kahuna massage chair warranty down to all the premium features and smooth operation, I believe it to be well worth the price.

Kahuna New Compact L-Track Massage Chair HANI3200

The Kahuna New Compact Massage Chair is simply designed but can give off the amazing features that make it well worth the moderate price.

It comes at a design that accommodates small and bigger-sized people, making it suitable for everyone. While it doesn't have foot rollers or massagers,

it makes up for it with the L-track 4-roller system, providing the excellent amount of pressure and all the features you need for de-stressing and relaxation.

The padded areas are extremely soft and plush, and it feels just like you're sinking in as you get that massage you deserve!

Kahuna Air Float 3D+ Superior Massage Chair SM-9000

The first thing you'll notice about the Air Float 3D+ Kahuna Massage Chair is its price. It's SUCH a pricey massage chair when you see it at first, but when you get to feel the amazing features it has to offer, you'll feel like it's worth the price and NEVER get out of the chair!

Even when you aren't having a massage on it, it feels so soft and luxurious. And once you begin to set it for a massage, it feels as if you're getting professional massages from an actual masseuse!

The controls are easy to adjust and it comes with the wireless remote so you won't have to continue setting it as you go. All in all, the penetration is perfect and it gives off only the best each massage you get.

Kahuna 3D Rhythmic Massage Chair Hubot HM-078

Kahuna is known for their slightly pricier massage chair models but they all come at such an amazing quality that's built to last.

Not only do these massage chairs last for years without fail, but they also have the realistic feel to it.

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The Rhythmic Massage Chair is an amazing choice, professionally designed and with the detailed finishes. The massage itself is excellent, offering the realistic 3D massages around the entire body thanks to the quality massage balls from head to toe.

Kahuna Space-Saving Zero Gravity Massage Chair Recliner LM6800S

If you need something to help save up on space in the house, then I highly recommend that you invest in the LM6800S, which is smaller than most massage chairs but still accommodates people of any shape or size.

Choose between 12 relaxing auto programs and get to save customized massaged with the memory-saving function.

Also, it offers the acupressure points around the body AND the space-saving zero gravity positions, which make it well worth the investment for anyone.

Kahuna Top Performance Superior Massage Chair SM-7300S

The upgrade to the space-saving LM6800S is the SM-7300S, which has an awesome feel to it that makes it san amazing investment.

It's easy to set up and install, as well as the comfortable feel that makes it great to lounge in even without the massage function.

Furthermore, there are various functions to choose from, including the stretches and massage programs, which has loosened muscles and relieved pain for many efficiently.

Kahuna Top Performance Superior Massage Chair SM-7300

The Top Performance Kahuna Massage Chair is truly known for its superior qualities. This SL-Track has six rollers which offer the right amount of pressure.

You can choose between various special programs and other regular massage programs meant for people of ANY issue or situation. 

With its top performing technology, athletes, seniors, or those suffering from stress and pain relief can take advantage of the chair. Plus, the chair's super easy to hassle-free to use with its wireless controls.

Kahuna Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair LM6800

For those who want something simple and made to use any time of the day, the LM6800 is the one for you. It comes with the stretching programs AND heat therapy which is known to help relieve pain and loosen up tight muscles efficiently.

The L-shaped function has helped the mind and body relax greatly. Plus, they have excellent customer service, which is a huge plus.

Final Verdict

If you're planning to get a Kahuna massage chair, then it's important to do your research and ensure you get the right model. That way, you'll be able to get the proper peace and relaxation you need for your mind and body.

Hopefully, this list of Kahuna massage chair models helped you out! So don't wait any longer and look into any of these products now.

If you have any questions or want to share your own Kahuna Massage Chair review, then comment below! Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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