Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 Massage Chair Review

Have you considered getting the Human touch Wholebody Massage Chair? If you plan on purchasing it, then you're in for an awesome treat!

These massage chairs come with a ton of amazing features and programs that make it one of the best massage chairs under 2000.

What are these features that make this massage chair for sale a worthy investment, though? If you want to learn more about what this type of massage chair has to offer, then read on!

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I did the research to show you all about what this best massage chair for the money can do for you.

Human Touch has been around for over 40 years, providing the excellent quality massage chairs all throughout.

This is a well-known company focusing on releasing innovative products with life-changing benefits.

Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 Massage Chair - Black

They blend the superior patented technology and research to produce massage chairs of contemporary design, with the Human Touch Wholebody Massage Chair being one of their most recent releases.

With its contemporary and elegant design mixed with advanced technology, this is the best zero gravity massage chair for all users of any size and age.

It's recommended mostly for athletes and physical workers who need the muscle recovery thanks to the quality massage it has to offer.

The Advanced Technology

The Human Touch Wholebody 7.1 Massage Chair has the Warm Air Massage and 3D FlexGlide Technology, which delivers the most soothing and sensitive massages to reduce stress.

It also targets the lumbar area, which relaxes the entire body and focuses on releasing pain from all muscles.

For its amazing technology, it's considered a cheap massage chair with a host of benefits that make it worth more than what you pay for!

Targets Pressure Points and Muscle

The main reason why we invest in massage chairs is to target all parts of your body, offering the excellent pain relief regardless of the pressure put into it.

You will enjoy reading following:

This chair offers five expertly-designed massage programs, which help your body recover from various physical conditions.

It's great for those who suffer from sore muscles from workouts, work, or even from back pain or fibromyalgia. It also helps improve mental clarity!

Swivel Base and Retractable Massagers

There is a 55-degree swivel base which has you change to any angle. Simply sit back and recline to your preferred angle and relax as you get massaged!

Furthermore, the chair comes with an ottoman, which you can convert to a foot and calf massager when required.

Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 Massage Chair - Swivel Base and Retractable Massagers

This massager has the CirQlation Technology to massage your legs in upward motion, providing better blood circulation and mobility around your leg area.

Elegant and Classy Design

Based on the best massage chair consumer reports, one of the main features is its elegant design. Many admire its classic yet contemporary feel to the chair, with the captivating appearance that makes it look great in any room.

It's best placed in bedrooms or living areas, which will rack up its value and aesthetic interiors. Plus, it doesn't take as much space as you would expect!

Various Comfortable Massage Programs

There aren't only five massage auto programs, but four different massage techniques for better variety and customization of your massage.

Also, it has warm air technology and the food-and-calf massage options, which help soothe aching muscles.

Using the remote control, you're able to choose the massage program you want easily and let the massage chair do the rest.

It's not the best massage chair under 1000 because of its price, but it's worth the extra bucks!

Things we liked

  • Aesthetically pleasing and has the elegant design that looks great in all rooms
  • Incredible back and neck massage function for its price
  • Has a three-year warranty for assured durability and replacement
  • Has pre-programmed 3D routines to adjust to your body type
  • Can fit all types of body shapes, including heavier-framed users
  • Once used to the massage pressure, it helps reduce overall body pain
  • Has a calf massaging feature and targets muscles for muscle recovery

Things we didn't like

  • Massage chair comes at a bit expensive price
  • Leg and foot massager may not give enough pressure for thinner people
  • Feels a bit uncomfortable when sitting without being massaged
  • Users may not appreciate the firmness of the padding
  • If not cared for properly, it's easy for controller and leather to break
  • Takes time to get used to the massage because of the pressure put into it

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the frequently asked questions about the Human Touch Wholebody Massage Chair:

Does the chair come fully assembled?

How long is the massage cycle?

Is the lumbar support adjustable?

What's the difference between the 5.1 and 7.1 model?

Is there a weight limit for users?

Final Verdict

Finding a massage chair can be quite difficult with the many brands available today. But with the Human Touch Wholebody Massage Chair, you can start taking advantage of its many benefits, from the luxurious design down to its targeted muscle massages.

For its massage chair price, it's definitely worth the investment to last for the long-term.

Hopefully, this article on the Human Touch WholeBody Massage Chair helped you out! So check out this real relax massage chair now!

If you have any questions or want to share your own reviews on this massage chair from Amazon, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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