Full Body Massage Chair Buying Guide 2020

Getting a full body massage chair can be quite difficult, especially if you aren't familiar with selecting the best.

There are many factors to consider when choosing one, but it can confuse many who don't know where to start.

After all, there are so many brands and features to look into. But before that, it's best to learn all about the full body massage chair to get the gist of what you're purchasing.

It will help you select the best in the long run! So read on as I show you the ultimate buying guide to the best massage chair of 20​20.

By doing your research and tests yourself, it can narrow down your choices, saving you a lot of time and money in the long run. After all, no one would want to overspend with a massage chair that doesn't give the benefits needed.

Each person is different and requires specific features to ensure that their massage chair will relieve the pain.

What Is a Full Body Massage Chair?

What makes the full body massage chair different from others (like the portable massage chair) are the areas it covers.

As the name suggests, it's made for your entire body, offering different kinds of massages to relieve aches and pains around the body.

It's similar to the shiatsu massage chair but covers a wider range of massages to accommodate your needs. This massage chair massages from head to toe, having the head pillow and built-in ottoman to do so.

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5 Health Benefits of a Full Body Massage Chair

A full body massage chair is very beneficial, offering the following:

Pain Relief From the Entire Body

Full body massages hit pressure points, exerting the right amount of force to promote pain relief throughout your body.

Because of this, you get to enjoy instant pain relief after a massage session, especially when you have the best massage chair pad!

This is great for those who suffer from general aches and pain, especially around the back and neck area.

Lessens Stress and Anxiety

Massages are known to help lessen stress and anxiety because of the relaxing massage techniques are done. All you need to do is to sit back and relax, letting the massage chair do the job in calming you down.

It's perfect for those who return home from a stressful day of work! Furthermore, it's great to treat anxiety and help lessen the symptoms of it.

Prevent Injuries

If you're an athlete or love to exercise, then there will be times that you'll feel the workout burn and even have the risk of injuries!

That's why it's best to have a sports massage right after, which massage chairs are able to do. Having a quality massage after your training can help relieve the pain and prevent any injuries from occurring.

Comfortable In the Living Room or Bedroom

Couches and beds are comfortable to lounge in when watching television, but having a massage chair changes the game for the better.

You're now able to fully recline and relax as you watch or relax, with or without the massage! Plus, it gives the luxurious feel your home needs, making rooms look cooler and more expensive.

Improves Your Posture

Whether you're at work or in school, you're most likely stuck in unnatural positions, putting pressure on your neck and spine.

As a result, the poor posture fatigues your entire body, which has you distribute the weight to other muscles and giving you an improper posture.

With a massage chair, it's able to relax your muscles and prevent it from slouching or being in an awkward position permanently.

How to Choose Based On Your Needs

Look into the features that you absolutely need in a massage chair, paying only for the features you want rather than overspending with unnecessary extras.

I prefer something that offers the basic massages and noise reduction technology, which helps me be comfortable without the frills. Heat therapy is also especially helpful if you live in a cold climate or suffer from an aching body all the time!

The massage chair should also be easy to setup and have the optimal design you prefer in the room.

Also consider your budget, finding out what you're able to afford so you can narrow down your choices based on the price range and features.

What Are the Best Full Body Massage Chairs to Buy

Now that you're familiar with how to select a massage chair, what are the suitable brands to invest in? Here are the most popular massage chair brands you can trust:

 1.  Luraco

Luraco Massage Chair

Luraco is one of the most reliable brands to look up to, offering the advanced robotic massage chairs. Its latest products top many of the best massage chair lists, especially their zero gravity massage chairs!

With its exceptional technology and advanced features, it's what makes it the almost-perfect brand to invest in.

 2.  Human Touch

Human Touch - ZeroG 5.0 Zero-Gravity Massage Chair

The Human Touch massage chair has been in the business for almost four decades. They are always rolling out new features and the latest technology to ensure that their products offer the relaxing and pain-relieving results you expect.

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 3.  Osaki

Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Osaki may seem like a Japanese brand but their chairs are manufactured in China with operations situated in the USA.

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They don't only offer massage chairs but other massage products for overall body pain relief.

Their chairs are well built and a great buy for those who are on a budget because of their affordable prices.

 4.  Kahuna

Kahuna - Full-Body Massage Chair

Kahuna is America's bestselling brand on massage chairs, as it provides the excellent balance of both price and features.

They offer the premium features without the expensive price, with years of experience in the making. They also make chairs for big and tall people, accommodating those with a larger frame.

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 5.  Inada

INADA DreamWave Massage Chair

Inada is a Japanese brand that utilizes advanced technology and studies that make them one of the best massage chair brands available.

With the topnotch features and durable construction, their products are built to last and made to offer the best massage experience with their awesome massage options.

Wrapping It Up

Besides the massage chair price, there is more to selecting one for your home, with other factors to consider from the type of chair down to its brand.

I hope that this purchasing guide on the best full body massage chair gave you an idea of what to get. So don't wait any longer and begin looking into any of these brands today.

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences, then comment below! Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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