Hello and welcome to our site Chairikea.com. Are you curious to know about the people behind the site? First and foremost we are a small team of passionate people, who have set the goal to deliver the best and uptodate living room product information and health-wellness tips right into your health and mind. 

Chairikea's Mission

Often we buy furniture for our office, home or outdoor. Before buying we test them. Have you ever wanted to buy a chair or furniture product and been stumped finding the best one? Or, you bought the product and later you learned that is not the right one for needs? We have, and that is why we started Chairikea.

Our mission is very simple: to create and provide the best chair reviews online.

Behind Chairikea.com


My name is Ashley. I am a journalist mother and ergonomics enthusiast who love to write buying experience, home product reviews and tips & tricks to keep house clean. I co-founded Chairikea.com subsequent to seeing direct the positive effect that straightforward changes to my very own workspace have had on my efficiency and wellbeing. Regardless it astonishes me how the correct shapes, edges, and the way we interface with regular items can have a significant effect as far as soothing agony and work all the more productively

My goal with Chairikea.com is to share all my most recent discoveries on how ergonomics can help enhance your life, supported by science and studies..


Hi, I am Ashif, a web designer & developer of over 7 years and passionate in technology.  As somebody who effortlessly goes through 12+ hours in front of the computer everyday, I'm anxious to abstain from going down the way of an actual existence of back torment, carpal passage disorder, and a large group of other solid maladies not far off. The quest for ergonomics isn't only a diversion for me, yet a need.

I am the chief-in-editor of Chairikea.com. My job, is design content, research market, schedule blog post, is to present to you the most legit surveys and reviews on Chairikea, by real testing and sharing my direct involvement with them however much as could reasonably be expected.

Join Us to Rock Around

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